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Note to housewives: when is sorrel harvested and how to properly preserve it?

In Russia, sorrel has come a long way from a common weed to the "king of spring". He earned the title for his early appearance and help in the fight against vitamin deficiency. But we need vitamins all year round, so it is important to keep it fresh as long as possible and to collect it correctly for harvesting. Indeed, in winter, such a blank will become an indispensable ingredient for preparing various dishes.
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Fruit and Vegetables

Grow the watermelon

Growing watermelon or watermelon The watermelon, also commonly called watermelon, or water melon, or mellone, is the fruit of an annual herbaceous plant, native to central Africa, very common in cultivation all over the globe; the botanical name is citrullus lanatus, and develops as a climbing plant, or prostrate, which produces large palmate leaves of light green color, and twining stems, which can cling to supports by means of tendrils.
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Info on the Abelia grandiflora

Question: info on the Abelia grandiflora Good evening, I bought 2 seedlings about 20-25 cm high of abelia grandiflora, and since I am a novice with gardening I don't know much, I wanted to know if I can, given the cold, already pintare a earth or if it is better to keep them in pot until next spring?
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Outdoor winter plants

Arboreal species from outside Among the most suitable arboreal tree species to cheer up your winter garden we can include among others: the holly, a popular evergreen tree that can reach the height of 8 meters and that grows already in the spontaneous state in the flora Italian.
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Ficus ginseng

Ficus ginseng Ficus ginseng is called Ficus retusa (or Ficus microcarpa) cultivated with bonsai, this is because the plant develops a broad and broad stem and large and gnarled aerial roots, and at first sight remembers the ginseng roots used in herbal medicine, which but they have nothing to do with ficus, deriving from a species of Panax.
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