Bulbs as favors

Question: bulbs as wedding favors

My daughter gets married in August and would like to offer bulbs instead of wedding favors: is it possible to buy them now and keep them until that date, or will they be found even in the summer? And how do you suggest packing them in a pretty way?
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Answer: bulbs as favors

Gentile Luciana,
congratulations for the idea of ​​using a bulb as a wedding favor, the symbolic meaning of growth and development, which evokes a bulb, makes it decidedly pleasant as an auspicious gift. Most bulbous plants have spring or summer development; spring bulbous plants settle in autumn, they develop already during the winter months, but flowers and leaves sprout only the following spring; the summer bulbs instead are planted in spring, when the nocturnal lows are already a little high, they sprout in June-July, and then they bloom in summer. Clear that most of the bulbous plants are available, in dormant phase, almost in every month of the year, but to give a summer flowering bulb in August will force the guests to wait for the following spring before burying it; instead give a spring bulb will allow them to bury it in September-October, to enjoy the first flowers already in spring. In addition to this, the vegetative resting bulbs that you find in the nursery, should be kept in a cool, dry and dark place, until the moment they will be buried; to avoid having a department store, which for other reasons does not remain alive and vital for years, most nurseries and hobby shops tend to buy bulbs in late winter or autumn, and at the end of the period in which they should be underground tend to sell them. So, if you go to the nursery in May or June, you often find only the leftovers from the previous season, definitely discounted, but perhaps without a great variety. You can, however, turn to large online bulb stores, which often have large amounts of bulbs of all kinds, even among inventories. In general, spring-flowering bulbs, those that are placed in the ground in autumn, begin to be ready from late June, in large quantities in July. I therefore believe that it is the best solution for you to choose between these bulbs, since you will be able to have the bulbs of this year, and not those of last year remained unsold. The bulbs must remain in the soil until the foliage naturally dries up, then the daffodils vegetate until May-June, then they are dug up, dried, selected and sifted and packaged; July is the best month to start finding the autumn sowing bulbs. These bulbs are daffodils, tulips, irises, hyacinths, ornamental plants, anemones, crocuses, and various other species; surely in a site like you can find exhaustive information, and by contacting Shejbal by telephone you will be able to give you all the information you want. If you want to give a spectacular bulb, to be cultivated at home, you can opt for the amaryllis (botanical name hippeastrum), which are those big colorful trumpet flowers; the bulb of these flowers is enormous, and in general it is possible to find some of them all year round, as they are grown in the apartment, for winter flowering. If you decide for a large bulb, I think you have a nice satin sachet with a bow to complete the favor, perhaps with a small piece of paper inside with summary information on cultivation.