Floral art school

Floral art school

The floral art school is a professional training school that aims to train professional florists and figures working in the floriculture sector. They are schools recognized as a result of some European standards and in Italy various realities are spreading, especially supported by trade associations, such as Confesercenti or Assofioristi. When we talk about a school of floral art we must pay attention to the certificates that are issued and to the certifications that then allow us to practice the profession. In general, they take part in these courses, owners and employees of activities in the sector. The training is aimed at understanding new work techniques or specialization and, in general, represents a continuous training course for the category.

What is a floral art course?

As stated, the objective is to train qualified personnel. Those who work in the field of floriculture are experts in the cultivation of flowers and gardening, both in terms of hobbies and in terms of sales and in order to create economic activity. We are talking about a discipline that ranges from agriculture to botany, for those who want to follow a course in floral art, it is an optimal factor to have received an inherent school or university education, for example an agricultural school. In any case, these are courses in which everyone can register. At European level we talk about Floral Art and Floral Designer for art events, such as particular compositions for villas and gardens, use of nature as an artistic form, floral arrangements for weddings, television set-ups. Moreover, in the last few years more and more professional figures are emerging who work in the field of protecting public green areas, therefore parks are set up, green areas are recovered, and outdoor installations are set up for squares or natural oases. To better understand how and what we study in a floral art course we recommend the structure of a basic course for florists of the National Academy of Art and Floral Design. The basic training lasts one year, at the end of which a certificate is issued which is recognized by various European schools. The course consists of class sessions and practical internships in companies. Teaching material and basic equipment are provided with which to learn the fundamental processing techniques. As far as commercial attention is concerned, the focus is on training on innovative and trendy products on the market, such as weddings, plant composition, decorations and packaging, flower structures, fruit and vegetables, window dressing and funerary art.

Job opportunities with a floral art course

As anticipated it is a sector whose training is recent. Growth in our country is mainly due to European regulations that have been in force for some years in other countries of the union, for example in the countries of northern Europe, first of all Holland, the main country in the floriculture market, with a high professional specialization. In these countries, floral art represents a very important sector for the economy and, in general for the export sector. In addition to Holland, Floral Art also grows in France and Germany. From the employment point of view, therefore, a specialization can represent a further opportunity for insertion into the labor market. Who wants to work in the sector can then start with a training course that introduces the basic elements for managing a flower shop and a nursery, from managing relationships with customers and suppliers, from using colors and shapes to basic composition techniques. Who wants, it is appropriate to say, cultivate his passion for flowers and gardening, with a basic course he can deepen the styles and trends of the market, the important flowers for a composition, the decorations for special occasions, from weddings, to the most complex and articulated preparations. What is important, in the training phase is to outline your own path based on your skills.

Floral art school: Specialization courses in floral art

The training and specialization of those already operating in the sector, owners and employees of established activities, finally represents a large part of the market. To compete with the competition and broaden their horizons, there are specialization courses in floral art. These are mainly continuous training courses that are used to constantly update the sector's employees. This specific training ranges from the enhancement of large rooms to the decoration of churches. Special attention is paid to nature and the environment. For example, there are special courses to set up green spaces that can recover areas once used for other activities. Lastly, the so-called solo or monographic courses belong to this category, that is training sessions in which only one specific theme is dealt with, for example focus on weddings and the wedding scene, floral sculptures, wrappings and decorations. These courses are indicated for example in the gradual training of an employee who, from time to time, can learn new techniques and experiment them in the field in the context of their professional use.