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hi I wanted to know what is the right cut for the roses and how many times I have to give some water thanks I wait for your news as soon as possible, sorry and good evening Marco
Ps / apple explain in a way that I understand greetings
I have to pay for the questions

Cut roses: Answer: information

Dear Michele,
roses are garden shrubs and, despite the delicate appearance of the flowers, they are vigorous and resistant whitish. The hybrid varieties (therefore most of the roses with large and small commonly cultivated flowers) produce flowers on new branches; to have a rich flowering it is therefore necessary to favor the production of many new shoots, which will bear flowers. A vigorous pruning is usually carried out in late autumn, or in late winter; proceed by removing the thinnest branches and all those that tend towards the center of the bush. The branches are kept outwards, and the branches vigorous. All the rai have to be shortened leaving only 2-3 gems on them, possibly choosing gems that look outward from the bush. For a beginner it is easier to prune at the end of winter, because the buds begin to swell, and it is easy to see them on the branches, so it is easier to understand where to prune.
Other prunings will be constant during the warm season, to remove the branches that have bloomed, thus stimulating the production of new shoots and therefore of new flowers.
Watering is to be provided from marso-april to september-october. The roses are watered if and when the ground is well dry; therefore in August they are watered regularly, and instead in April only sporadically and in case of lack of rains. At the end of winter a fertilizer with slow release granular fertilizer can benefit your plants.