Photigna distance

Question: photigna distance

I wanted to know, the confines of the ditches for the planting of hedges is 1.5 from the center of the ditch. How much do you advise me to stay for growth due to the fact that it also extends outwards ... and at what distance between a plant and 'other ?? thanks Stefano ...

Answer: photigna distance

Dear Stefano,
the Italian legislation regarding the planting of plants and shrubs on the border of the property allows you to place hedge plants at about 50 cm from the border of your property, so if the border is delimited by a ditch or by a canal in practice you can place your plants on the outer edge of the ditch itself. This is because hedge plants are not considered tall trees, which must be placed at least 150 cm from the border. Among the photinia plants you can leave from 45 to 75 cm, depending on how thick you want the hedge, and how much you are willing to wait before having a full and compact hedge.