Rose Pruning

Question: Rose Pruning

In my garden I have 3 roses plus a bush rose. I planted them in October. I would like to know how they are pruned in the spring. Thank you, I await an answer

Answer: Rose Pruning

Dear Giulio,
on you can find in-depth articles and even a video on pruning roses.
In any case, roses are pruned at the end of winter, or in autumn, so as to favor the development of new shoots and new branches, because the buds are produced (in hybrid varieties) only by the branches produced in the flowering season.
Then proceed first of all by removing at the base any branches that start from below the graft point, because these are branches of the rootstock; then all the weak or damaged branches are removed; then proceed by cutting all the branches, leaving only 2-3 buds each, and preferably the upper bud should face the outside of the bush, so as to give rise to a cup-shaped rose, without branches intertwining .